Harvest Valley

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Harvest Valley
Author The Observer
Level range 1-2 (North)
3-4 (South & Lake)
Accessible from Hawkethorne
Harvest Valley.png
Points of Interest
Exit to Hawkethorne
To the Sorran Altar
(Getting Into The Closet)
Pupperidge Farm
Shallow Riverbank
To the Centaur Village
Hollow Cave
To the Marefolk Village

Harvest Valley is the breadbasket of the region, producing much of the food that many Marchers depend on. High mountains on three sides ensure that the climate is relatively mild compared to the rest of the Marches, and the flat, rolling ground within is excellent for farming and gathering. Water is plentiful; however, it rarely rains in the valley proper because of the mountains' rainshadow, and the only surface sources of water are the river and Lake Tarahugan. Pumps drawn by wind or manual labour raise water to the surface where it is spread through an extensive network of irrigation ditches dug and maintained over generations.

The region is roughly divided into three sub-regions: farmer territory (north), centaur territory (southwest) and marefolk territory (southeast, by the lake's western shore). Land east of the lake is made largely inhospitable through the privations of savage, primitive gnolls, who have traditionally been kept in check by the marefolk and centaurs alike.

Much of the conflict that takes place in the region centers about the arrival of Master Tollus and his Demon Cult under Kasyrra's orders after the events of the tutorial.


The Centaur Pack encounter rate can be reduced by killing at least 4 Packleaders. The northern variation of enemies are weaker compared to their southern counterparts.


Pupperidge Farm

Without the threat of imminent violence the farm actually looks like the calming, pastoral getaway it’s meant to be. There’s a large barn with a small house attached to it, and out in the front is a wooden pen full of sheep — not sheep-girls, as some might expect — beside a series of large tightly-bound preserve barrels. On the pathway leading up to these two buildings is a neatly-polished sign of waxed wood labelled ‘Pupperidge Farm' in big, bold letters.

Off to the side is a container for grains of various kinds, and a well-worn pathway leading back the way you’ve come. All in all, Pupperidge Farm looks like the perfect little enclosed farm for a couple of wolfy shemales and their duo of busty amoozons.

A cow-girl farm run by Anna and Morwen that supplies a big chunk of The Frost Hound's food.

  • Anna - runs the farm along with her sister Morwen
  • Morwen - runs the farm along with her sister Anna
  • Gloria - resident cow-girl of the farm that supplies fresh produce
  • Lucia - another resident cow-girl of the farm that supplies fresh produce

Find Pepper

Written by Savin

While wandering through a shallow valley between a couple of rolling hills in the valley, you notice a bush of small, leafy plants nestled into the protective embrace of some large rocks. There's several large red fruits — no, peppers! — hanging off the plants. Emphasis on large — they're all near as long as your arm, with thick, fist-like gnarled bases. The scent of spiciness is thick and rich in the air around the vale as you approach.
Since you're passing by, and nature's so kindly offered them up, it'd be downright rude to refuse...
You found a [Double|Knotty] Pupperidge Pepper!

Acquisition of 1x Double Pepper or Knotted Pepper (50% chance)

Persistent Characters

Generic Characters


The Centaur Village

The village can be discovered during Harboring a Fugitive and can be revisited once the quest is over.

Note that the centaur village does not have any content outside of Harboring a Fugitive as of yet

Persistent Characters

Generic Characters

Lake Tarahugan

The big river is called the Tarahugan! It's pronounced 'hoog-in', but actually it was named after Ugan the ironheart and his wife Tarah. There used to be no river there, and the two tribes of centaurs who lived here hated each other. There's a bunch of boring history about the war, but the important part is that chief Ugan loved Tarah, the sister of chief Golas in the north,"
Ahmri, when asked about Harvest Valley

The Marefolk Village

Persistent Characters

Generic Characters

Shallow Riverbank & Drawbridge

While the drawbridge to the west connecting the north and south regions is still raised (requires completion of Harboring a Fugitive), the only way to travel back and forth to the south is to Ford the river where the riverbank descends close enough to the water's surface. When fording the river, the Champion will have to fight the Tainted Witch and her River Cultists in order to successfully pass through.

Shared Encounters

Persistent Characters

Root of Evil

Written by Savin

While exploring the valley, your [foot] catches on something protruding from the ground, hidden by the wavy tall grass. You end up pitching forward onto hands and knees, gasping in surprise. Though you're unharmed, your foot ends up ripping the offending root straight up out of the ground. It looks strangely thick and juicy, and when you reach down to pick it up, you realize it has a strangely... strangely human shape. Four limbs and a bulbous, ugly head protrude from the main body. How unpleasant...
You acquired a root of man!

Acquisition of 1x Root of Man.

Baaad Horse

Written by Savin

As you meander through the valley, you come across a horse-pulled cart that's been tipped over on a bit of road. Looks like somebody paid the pothole tax, leaving their goods spilled out over the road. Most of it's simply random produce, and clearly has been sitting here long enough to be picked apart by the local wildlife, but there's a bundle of purple and green long-stem clover, bound together with white string, that catches your eye...
You acquired a baad clover!

Acquisition of 1x Baad Clover.

Scenic Valley

Written by Savin

You spend some time wandering aimlessly around the valley, and while you don't find anything of particularly note, you are treated to a long, scenic view of your surroundings — the huge, snow-capped peaks off in the distances east and west, the shimmering waters of the rivers, and the many little farmsteads still standing despite the encroaching chaos. Somehow this place remains picturesque despite Kasyrra's machinations, a realization that fills you with determination. This is what you're fighting to preserve.

All party members recover 10 Resolve.

Lust Draft

Written by Savin

After a bit of walking, you come across what looks like the site of a battle — well, a small scuffle anyway. A number of arrows are embedded in the loamy soil, and you can see bits of torn cloth stuck to nearby branches. There's a vial of something laying shattered on the ground, but when you approach to investigate, you're assailed by a powerful, noxious scent that leaves your cheeks flushed with unbidden arousal — it's some kind of alchemical concoction, and one that smells powerfully like a stallion's load left drooling from a mare's musky slit.
You turn back before you find who would make such a thing...

All party members lose up to 10 Resolve (cannot reduce remaining Resolve below 1).

Harvest Bounty

North and Lake side only.

Written by Savin

As you wander through the farmlands of Harvest Valley, you come across a small, seemingly abandoned field. The farmhouse has collapsed in on itself, a victim of burning... someone chased the residents off this land not too long ago, though they didn't bother destroying the crops. Strange, but it's good fortune for you [and yours]. With a little effort, you're able to gather up enough abandoned produce to constitute a lovely meal that leaves you [and your companions] feeling well fed before returning to the path you came from.

All party members receive the Well Fed status effect.

Quest Related

Farmhand's Freeholds

Check up on the Pupperidge Farm for Garth.

Getting Into The Closet

Search for a religious artifact from a long-forgotten Sorran altar in the western edge of the mountains that ring Harvest Valley.

Harboring a Fugitive

Deal with the corrupted centaurs that have been plaguing the valley.

Land of Milky Honey

Liaden can be found at the Hawkethorne entrance.

Mad Cow

A dark hollow cave containing a set of ceremonial armor lies at the southern side of the valley.