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Corruption of Champions II is a game under active development by Savin & crew. The version history contains a log of what has been added or changed in the game over time.



CoC2 features a cast of characters that the Champion can take with them on their adventures.

Arona - Atugia - Berwyn - Brienne - Brint - Cait - Etheryn - Kiyoko - Quintillus

Persistent Characters

Persistent characters are usually, though not always named are characters that can usually encountered at a specific location, hold a specific impact to a plot or quest or have interactions with the Champion can affect either themselves, the Champion or other characters.

Ahmri - Alraune - Alraune Herald - Anna - Argoth - Artificer Kazuo - Atani - Azami - Azyrran - Benny - Brother Sanders - Calla - Cat Harem - Cultist Evangelist - Drider Queen - Eryka - Evelyn - Forest Kitsune - Fountain Goddess - Garret - Garth - Gerik - Gloria - Gray-Furred Slaver - Gwyneth - Harpy Matron - Harpy Wingleader - Hashat - Hatsumomo - Hethia - Hirrud - Hitoshi - Hretha - Infrith - Ivris - Jarl Gunvaldsen - June - Kasyrra - Kavi - Kinu - Kohaku - Komari - Kurako - Lady Evergreen - Leorah - Lieutenant Jen - Lucia - Lupine Scouts - Lusamine - Lusina - Magna - Manticore Girl - Master Tollus - Master Whisper - Miko and Mai - Mistress Matiha - Morwen - Nakano - Nelia - Ninian - Ogrish - Orc Thane - Pavo - Prince Philander - Princess Phyria - Ragnild - River - Senja - Sexy Statues - Shar - Sigrune - Sleepy Snake - Sugo - Tainted Witch - Takahiro - Tanuki Witch - Vaush - Wyld Elf Band - Zuzaan

Generic Characters

Generic characters are normally combat-only encounter characters that can be randomly encountered in certain regions. These characters are usually unnamed and random each time, which means that the Champion normally will not encounter the same one during repeat encounters.

Alraune Effigies - Arcane Golem - Centaur Pack - Crazy Horse - Cultist - Frostwood Kitsune - Generic Summons - Ghosts - Gnoll Raiders - Harpy Enforcer - Harpy Thief - Hornet Drone - Hornet Worker - Imps - Marefolk Shaman - Marked Mercenary Band - Orc Amazon - Orc Apprentice - Orc Executioner - Orc Warrior - Slime Siblings - Warg - Wolf - Wyvern Girl


From the first moments into the game, with more being found along the journey, our character will be tasked with various jobs. The goals as well as own musings about the situation can be read in the journal.

Caparison Hunter - Cat Call - Den of Foxes - Dog Days - Educational Help - Farmhand's Freeholds - Getting Into The Closet - Harboring a Fugitive - In Her Footsteps - Inheriter of the Idols - Mad Cow - Missing Meows - Nothing Like Housework - One Man's Poison - Right of Conquest - Royal Amnesty - Shades of the Past - The Mistress - Ugly Duckling


The game features a number of different regions, each of which generally contains its own set of locations, dungeons, enemies, and items. See Regions for more detailed breakdowns of each area in the game.

Foothills - Frost Marches - Frostwood - Harvest Valley - Hawkethorne - Old Forest


For information about equipment and consumable items, see the items category.


Items that can be physically equipped to a character.

Accessories - Catalysts - Armor - Attire - Shields - Underclothes - Weapons


Items that are consumed to attain various effects.

Consumable Items - Transformative Items

Other Items

Items that either don't fall under the former categories or otherwise have alternate uses.

Key Items - Miscellaneous Items - Reagents - Toys - Unique Items

Game & Engine Mechanics

For information about internal mechanics, formulas, and other implementation specifics, see Game Mechanics. Details regarding the engine and internal structure of data can be found here.

Alchemy - Appearance - Bad Ends - Character Creation - Combat Mechanics - Corruption - Dreams - Effects - Electrum Coins - Fatigue - Hawkethorne Nursery - Minigames - Perks - Personality - Powers - Pregnancy - Racial Score - Stats


Classes determine what you're able to do in combat through a combination of passive perks and active talents, which include things like magic spells and fighting styles. See Classes

Black Mage - Charmer - Thief - Warrior - White Mage

World & Lore

There are several components that make up the CoC2 universe. Some can be found below.

History and Lore

General story details and bits of background history on some events that have an impact in the world of Savarra.

Jassira - Khor'minos - The Belharan Empire - The Frost Marches - The Old Country - Tronarii


Demon Cult - Keros - Mallach - Nareva - Souls & Spirits - The Pantheon - Velun


Information on the quasi-Bronze Age tech found in CoC2 either as a tangible object or conceptual vocabulary.

Bronze - Shaping


Applicable races found throughout the world. Note that not every single race encountered is listed. For more creature variants, see Category:Creatures

Alraunes - Catfolk - Centaurs - Giants - Gnolls - Goblins - Harpies - Humans - Lizan - Lupines - Manticores - Marefolk - Minotaurs - Mothfolk - Nagas - Orcs - Pale Elves - Pixie - Salamanders - Taeleer - Tanuki - Vesparans - Wyld Elves - Wyverns


Various organizations or groups that have presence in CoC2.

Demon Cult - Marked Merk Mercenaries


There's a handy list of templates to be used when adding Wiki content regarding CoC2. See Contributing


The location of the main game itself can be found at the official website.

There are a few google docs describing design principles and mechanics. These should slowly be incorporated into the wiki unless obviously out of date. For reference information on:

For reference information on editing a CoC2 save game file (not recommended and not officially supported). See Save editing